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Trucks converted with 
Marmon-Herrington All-Wheel Drive Conversion Kits

Trucks > Australia
Tractor, Artillery (Aust) No.3 (LP3) Ford/Marmon-Herrington

The Tractor, Artillery (Aust) No.3 (LP3) Ford/Marmon-Herrington was used by the Australian army as a tractor for the 18 and 25 pdr field gun. They were built at the Ford Motor Works at Geelong, Victoria.
Mike Kelly thinks approx. 700 4x4 conversion kits were bought for the '40/'41 30 cwt Ford trucks. Only a small number of '39 models were converted.

Artillery Tractors.

This is a surviving '41 model No.3A tractor. 

(Scan courtesy of Mike Kelly.)

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