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Trucks converted with 
Marmon-Herrington All-Wheel Drive Conversion Kits

Trucks -> USA
Ford's 1-ton chassis was often used in conjunction with M-H's All-Wheel Drive Conversion kit. Vehicles like this '42 model 1-ton 4x4 truck were used by both military units and civil companies working on big projects like the Alaska highway or Panama canal (carried out under contract for the Ministry of Defense or the Civilan Conservation Corps).

Also based on the 1-ton chassis is the Ford/Marmon-Herrington SnoGo. Some 80 were Lend-Leased to the RAF for use on airfields during WW2. The SnoGo snow blower on the front was driven by a IHC stationary engine on the back of the truck.
This example is based on a '41 model Ford: note differences in front mudguards and location of headlights.
The 1942 example shown here is owned by Gordon McMillan, and is one of only two complete known survivors. We wish him lots of luck with the restoration and lots of snow to play with afterwards!

  • Wheels & Tracks magazine issue No. 40

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