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Marmon-Herrington tanks
in US service

The 'Marine Tank' of 1936: The Strange Case of the Marmon-Herrington Tank in the US Marine Corps
by Kenneth W. Estes

CTLS-4TAC / -4TAY in US Army service

Approximately 240 ("the balance of the order") non-delivered Marmon-Herrington tanks were taken over by the U.S. Army Ordnance Department. The CTLS-4TAC and -4TAY tanks were redesignated Light Tank T14 and T16 respectively. They were used for training and some were used in Alaska; more specifically at Dutch Harbour on Unalaska Island in the Aleutian Islands. Reportedly, one was used to test its effectiveness in the tundra at Cold Bay but immediately sank away in a peat bog and was never recovered.

One CTLS-4TAC (allegedly destined for China) was used as a mobile crane at the Great Falls Air Force Base in Montana until the 1960s and its lower hull survives until this day in the hands of a private collector in Brighton, Colorado, USA. Sadly, it has been re-engined and its upper hull is missing.

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